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No Time to Wash. But Finally, 1Laba Sunday with Breeze

We have a reliable washlady who visits us every week to gather up all our dirty laundry, bring it to her house, wash at her place, fold, then bring the clean and folded laundry back to our house. 
It's quite a convenient arrangement. Except, I don't quite trust having her wash some of our stuff. 

Which ones? My business wear and these... our shoes and bags. Why so? It's not that I don't trust the lady herself. It's just that there's a huge potential for those to get lost along in her routine.
The thing is that she just loves to hang our clothes in an open area where her neighbors can see the items hanging to dry. Now, living here, we all quite know it might be so wise to just air out your laundry for every one to see especially that it's very accessible to everyone in the place.
So for these items, I decided to make it a task for us.
Well, it's such a task to the point that I can only allocate very sporadic times where I already really need to wash them.
So when my care package arrived from Breeze this weekend, it spurred my maternal instincts and I just NEED to wash something. My attention turned to all our shoes and bags. 

For two sittings (nope, we don't have a washing machine), I found myself washing, scrubbing, hanging our bags and shoes. All thanks to Breeze ActivBleach.

Oh, and by the way, Breeze is having a 1Laba Day this August 28 all over the country. I encourage all moms to join up!