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Frog and Cough

.. are probably one of the worst reasons to be up and awake and NOT asleep yet.

A frog found its way into our room last night and was having the best time jumping around.

It even jumped on me twice!

Oh, the slimy, wet thing landing on my leg.. twice. I felt everything!

And each time, I had to go to the CR to wash myself from the filth. What if it's poisonous, you know?


After that, we decided to snuggle regardless of the jumping shenanigans happening so we can get a shuteye.

Then guess what?

I had a coughing session. Again.

I have been at it since Monday and the darn cough hasn't left me yet.

Already took Ascoff and Solmux and a good dab of Vicks everytime and yet it's still here.

I didn't want to disturb the boys sleeping so I'm here. Blogging. Oh, misery.

I hope the Solmux will take over soon so I can finally sleep. I guess I have to deal sleeping beside a frog as soon as it kicks in. I need my snoozes. :(