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On Halloween 2014: Costumes and Traditions

My son, Dabby, was talking to his Lala Fely on Viber on the laptop. They were chatting up and catching up. I could hear their loud voices as I look up from Dabby's iPad.

I was suddenly summoned close as they talked about what Dabby was going out as for Halloween. Why? They're going to search for ideas on Amazon and need my technical assistance.

With deft fingers, I brought them to the marketplace I know and love so well.

Dabby typed up the words - soldier costume - and instantly, I knew the motivation behind it.

You see, he has been so mesmerized with Rival Rebels, a mod on Minecraft where he gets to play as a soldier of various kinds - a rebel, a hacker, a nuker, an intel officer.

He is so fascinated by the game that he wants to be any of those and have an excuse to dress up as one.

That was back in June. 

Fast forward to November, he was definitely able to dress up as his favorite character - a soldier.

It has become a tradition for us to dress up Dabby during Halloween. Call it our cosplay-wannabe episodes but we do enjoy the season. We haven't reached the point of dressing up too along with him but that just might happen soon. Hmm! 

So, we went to the office in time for the staff to go home, had pizza (where only Lyrah was left). 

After such, we get him dressed with his uber soldier costume! He definitely looks like someone out of a video game. Like Call of Duty. He could have gotten a better gun, but Lala does not want us to buy any. So he resorted to his old guns and with his Nerf gun.

On the downside, the costume was very warm for him. He was sweating all over and had to get him out of it asap. You can't tell it on the photo, but he just had his shirt and shorts on! 

Our pictorial proved wonderful as friends commented on how nice his costume was. But this wasn't the fun part yet.

We both went to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde where the mall was having a movie night and a midnight sale. Armed with a bag full of candies, we went around to give treats to the kids who stayed up late like Dabby and were still with their parents.

The kids were overjoyed to receive candies. Some of them even stopped to pose with Dabby in his costume.

After such, we went back upstairs with a lighter candy bag but with fuller hearts (and sweatier clothes) knowing we've made kids happy. It's the start of a tradition. :)