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My Son's Idea of Technology to Not Make Life a Let Down

Dabby: Mom, I want to create new technologies.
Me: Yes, Dab, me too!
Dabby: I want to create things that don't make life such a let down.

And here I though that he meant things that are beneficial for all. While I think jetpacks would be really awesome and would put a smile to all our faces hovering around like the Jetsons, our tech is still far from that.

Well I asked him what sort of things would this be and Dabby thinks that the existence of these things will make life better. This kid should be born in the future. :\

  • Slides instead of cars
  • Slide pipes to go to a building
  • Jetpacks with wings
  • Jetpacks with missiles for war
  • Hovering laser tanks
  • Hover vehicles
  • Rocket powered boots
  • Force shield
  • Rival Rebels Dragon ADS
  • Water proof, portable, fireproof computer based map
  • Holograms
  • CTC CTS (Cottons the Cat's own Cybertronic Spaceship)
  • Lava storage
  • Lava powered car
  • and that's not all. More to follow.