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Ding Dong Dell: Pastels and Milktea

 Yesterday afternoon, I went on a date. With the boys.

Mark, Dabby, and I decided to finally go out together on a family date. We went for our usual rounds of milktea.

I had to follow though since I had a meeting with a client. Walking on high heels with my two bags, I made my way to Ayala knowing that my two boys will be waiting for me there.

When I arrived, I had the usual - Dakasi Bubble Milktea in large size, no ice.  It was my happy moment. I miss milktea so much.

Since I wanted to go around and take Dabby around the mall, we bolted out Mark's way and started our malling.

We dropped by Watsons to buy Dabby his blue hairbrush. Finally won't need to remind him to get my own brush and use for himself.

After that, I brought him to National Bookstore. I grabbed some envelopes I need for the office and also grabbed some oil pastels.

Oil pastels bring memories of elementary when my classmates had this wonderful tool while I'm stuck with the waxy crayons in my grip. Thinking Dabby should experience this, I grab a 12-color box for him for P56.

After eating bread at La Parisienne, we made our way back to Dakasi and set our new coloring tool in motion.

Dabby decided to draw Ding Dong Dell, one of the buildings from the game Ni no Kuni (The Wrath of the White Witch) which his dad is currently playing on the borrowed PS3.

Here's his final work on a GBG notebook (impromptu desires call for creative means).

Hopefully Dabby will get to learn how to make his art better soon. I think he definitely has the passion and creativity.