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Summer Team Outing: The Road to Deciding Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Thank you to the heavens and forces who made this event possible.

What event? Our Third Team Media summer outing.

It has been a challenging event to organize and put together. 

1. We initially hoped we could do CansoX for the weekend and then our request was not approved for reasons beyond our control. 

2. The team mates have cancelled their outings with family and with other engagements to join the team outing. It had to happen.

3. There was also this challenge about funds. We have initially budgeted only PHP 6,000 for the whole event plus PHP 1,000 for materials to bring for some team activities. So we had to work around this set budget.

The first backup plan was to go to Terra Mana and go glamping. We voted against it as it was 4 hours per way and that would mean we'd be exhausted from the trip alone. 

The second plan was to plan it with Gene's biking team and complete the weekend at Leyson's Peak. Unfortunately, three of us don't know how to bike at all so that was scraped. 

The third was to go island hopping but it was frowned upon since it was deemed to be a "boring" activity by the team mates.

The last and only plan left was to go Danasan Eco Adventure Park for wakeboarding.  I was fortunately introduced a couple of years ago to the son of the owner and got discounts for the event. The event came out with PHP6770 and within the budget that we set. 

For activities, we did wakeboarding, pool, lunch, dirt biking, horseback riding -- a mix of which were done by different groups of team mates.

Me and my ride. No hatin'.

We came out famished and full of body pains.  But delighted. Super. And I am happy to finally say I survived Danasan. Well, the wakeboarding part at least. It was the farthest I've been north of Cebu. I hope to bring Mark and Dabby there someday.