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Our Home in Boracay the 2nd Time Around: Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds

The first visit to Boracay was immaculate. And I blogged about it two years ago just to keep the memories alive.

The rough edges when we think about our first trip to Boracay were the following: muddy streets and the crowded beach. But all those were eased by the fact that we stayed at the most tranquil place to stay Boracay and that's at Agos.

Why? It's all because of their sincere, personalized service to the guests. It is much, much like you're at home. 

So when we learned about our second trip to Boracay for another round of Geeks on a Beach, we only thought about one accommodation. And that's at the place we called home on our first visit.

Looking for a "home" in Boracay for when the itch to visit the gorgeous island was made easy with our first travel experience there. And this time, we were welcomed and accommodated by the friendly boss lady of Agos, Ms. Valerie Geraldez. I promised that we will talk about our experience staying with them so I will do so on this post.


Booking at Agos is as easy as visiting their website at

I was accommodated not by a booking bot but by their agent named Divine. Again, it's all about personalized service at Agos and I was super impressed. I was able to upgrade our room to family since I was traveling with dear husband and dear son of 8 years old.


The agent was also able to arrange for transfer and pickup for us. This saves A LOT of headache especially if you prefer less hassle on your visit which we badly need especially when traveling with a kiddo.

On our travel day, as promised we were picked up by their partner Southwest Tour which is one name you should look out for if you want efficient transfer services in Boracay. We were dropped off at Agos for our check in. Very convenient.


Upon our arrival and check in, we were greeted with this. And there are a couple of things I remember from this very act which they also have when we first visited - a) eating in Africa b) my childhood.

Whenever you eat in a resto in Nairobi, Kenya, they give you hand towels. So this simple act is quite nostalgic for me. Quite the same with the chocnuts given because THAT is pure childhood bliss.


During our first visit, it was a bit challenging since we were assigned the first room on the first floor. It also means that the noise could be a challenge as a guest. BUT the good thing about being near the lobby was being near to fast internet connection. That was the benefit of such. Plus the added benefit of not having to go up and down the stairs to have your breakfast.

We were assigned at the third floor during our second stay and everything was wonderful. It was so tranquil at the 3rd floor that we wonder if we even have next door neighbours in which case, there really is since I saw slippers outside the door.

They would tell you there's wifi at the first and second floor only but you can actually still use the internet at the 3rd floor. This is quite vital for us since I had to work and coordinate with my team back here in Cebu.

Our room was well-kept, well-stocked, and everything was working well. What I loved about our room most are the following:

1. Airconditioning is working well

This is quite important after a whole day of walking around the island and being all sweaty or wet or both!

2. Hot and cold shower

Same as #1. 

3. The internet

It actually has access even if they mentioned you can only access it at the lobby.

4. The serenity

No pesky, noisy neighbors! Everyone seems to respect the tranquility of the place that you can actually get a good night's sleep. :)

5. The breakfast

During our first visit, Agos partnered with a nearby resto for breakfast. This time, they have a partner at the beach front but since it was renovating, they had our breakfast ready at the lobby at the time you specified.

6. The extra water

Not all accommodations will offer you this but Agos actually keeps you hydrated. They constantly refill your water so you can have something to drink after the salty after taste of a day swimming in Boracay.


This is where Agos is a winner for - going the extra mile to make their guests happy and satisfied. Some instances:

1. Beach towel and bag

They give you beach towels to use and a bag to pack it in. Just ask!

2. More water when you leave

This came in handy when we transferred and found our new accommodation does not even have water or coffee or anything else for us!

3. Help with transfers

They're a winner at this. They make sure you arrive in time and have an idea where to go next.

4. Tips on where to go

They give you tips on how much to pay and the best places to go in the island. 

5. Smiles everywhere!

You cannot find a grumpy employee. They were all smiles whenever they see. Much different from other accommodations.

With that, I went ahead and gave them five stars at TripAdvisor. Awesome right?

If you need to contact them or know where they are located, see below:

Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds

Experience the casual and homey feel of family-operated Agos Boracay Rooms+Beds located in the beautiful island of Boracay.
Room Rates: 

Address: Main Road Station 2, Boracay, Malay, 5608 Aklan
Contact Number: (036) 288 2663