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Fluffy Days with Lala Fely at Pillows Hotel in Cebu

Two years without visiting the Philippines ever since our escapade at Manila with the whole family and suddenly, she's here without much fuss. 

Who am I talking about? My Mommy Fely. Or Lala Fely for my kiddo.

Mom scheduled an impromptu visit to the Philippines. It was so impromptu that her relatives in Siquijor didn't know about it. Only me and my brother did. It was completely amazing to know that she was visiting. Well, she was on her way to a LOT of errands and paper work to do but still lovely to have her hang out with us.
We met with mom and my brother Bob at the airport. It was funny coz we were late. Instead of being the ones to wait for her, she was the one waiting for us. Unfortunately, we are late sleepers so that was meant to happen.
When we arrived, these two loves of mine saw each other again. Notice the huge smile on her face. And she still opt to carry Dabby despite the weight!

We got a van, packed up her things and went directly to Pillows Hotel Cebu where she will be staying for two days. 

Pillows Hotel is a newly established hotel located at  208 Gov. M. Roa Street (previously Kamuning Street) near Fuente Osmena. It is quite near Hi-Precision and I figured it's a better landmark to mention if you're hailing a cab. 

They have rooms that accommodate your relaxation needs and it's quite accessible to the heart of Cebu City.  That is also the reason why we chose Pillows since my mom has an errand to run near the area.

"Pillows Hotel bedrooms are designed to help you sleep. Leave your normal life and worries behind and let us cocoon you in the highest-quality materials and props needed for a good rest, including:

- The Best Orthopedic beds
- Blackout curtains
- Heavenly vanilla scented room
- Inverter type airconditioner 
- Microfibre duvets 
- 250-thread-count 100 percent bedsheet cotton linens
- Specially made down alternative microfibre pillows made by Canadian Linens"

These above are the things I want to see and feel firsthand at Pillows Hotel. I am looking forward to a wonderful stay with my mom here.

We were greeted by their very accommodating staff where within just a few minutes we were checked in and ready to rest. In my mom's case though, we had to load a lot of her bags and balikbayan boxes! Glad they were patient enough to load her stuff to her room. :)

Here's a photo of my mom with the general manager of Pillows Hotel, Ms. Joan Zanoria. 

I've met Ms. Joan about a year ago and all I could say is that she is quite the leader to her wonderful and well-trained team of hotel staff at Pillows Hotel. Fierce and headstrong, she knows what she needs for Pillows Hotel to get the brand recognition it deserves despite the competition among accommodations in Cebu. Good thing to know is that her hard work is definitely paying off as the hotel is soaring with great TripAdvisor ratings and competing with the big names in Cebu.

My photo of the whole room and beds turned out blurry but I was able to get a view of mom and her boxes galore! She was able to fit them all in the rooms and from then on, started unpacking to give away some of her clothes to me. Wooopeee!

Their restroom and shower is really clean and supplied with the basic things you need during your stay - clean towels, soap, glasses, and toothbrushes.

Here's another note - My husband and I have this thing about the hose near toilet bowls at hotels. We reckon that if a hotel has that, it's up to date. If not, it's quite old. Well, Pillows Hotel has those things and we're just glad to know because it makes it very convenient. 

And now, the pillows. My gosh, you'll never have anything so fluffy! It's like you're laying your head on cotton candy without the sticky sugar. Who wouldn't have a good night's sleep without this luxury?

They leave a note on them saying that if they are not good enough for you, you can request for different ones from the hotel. I would have requested the memory foam ones but these were already good enough indeed. :)

My little boy got to bond with Lala Fely since we had him stay with her overnight at Pillows Hotel. I would melt into the pillows and beds too if we didn't have much work to do at home.

With that, I am thinking of having to stay there soon for Sinulog 2016. It's really near Fuente Osmena for the parade. That might be our next adventure and Pillows Hotel will be on the wishlist.

Call them for reservations at 032 268 8000.