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What is your son's age?
Dabby is 8 years old. He's currently Third Grade with Calvert School.

What homeschooling curriculum are you using?
We are using Calvert Homeschooling Curriculum and you can visit them at to learn more about using their program for your kid.

Do you have a homeschooling community in Cebu?
Yes, we do have a rather tiny community of fellow homeschoolers. You can check out our inactive site here:

Other social media URLs:

But we don't have a homeschooling community here at _____ ?
Start one! :) #moonshots

Do we have to be religious to homeschool?
Not really. In fact, our small homeschooling community and our curriculum used is secular.

What other classes is he enrolled in?
As of writing, it's summer. So he's enrolled in a swimming class and also on queue for a summer survival camp.

Where do you buy the educational toys/materials that you use to supplement his learning such as those that you used when learning about the shapes? Is it included in your Calvert kit or did you buy it separately?
The materials are actually packaged and included in the Calvert materials that were shipped (the lacing buttons, letters, tower blocks, yarns, clay, etc.) Some of it though were stuff that we bought at National Bookstore, etc. Others are the toys that his lola gave him.

What are some homeschooling resources I can use?
We are using Calvert for homeschooling ( I don't use other resources so far but these resources might help:

But what about his social skills??
Dabby is fine and normal. :D He gets to communicate to any person of any age. Our traveling around and work at Third Team Media gets to open ways for him to engage with anyone. Plus, we have neighbors, aunties, the homeschooling community, and family. That's social enough.

OK, where do I see his homeschooling stuff?
I usually talk about our family friendly activities and homeschooling activities on this blog. You can also visit his blog at