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Cebu Kids Classes / Activities Directory

I am on the lookout for local offerings for kids. Hoping to find classes that I can enroll my kid into so I will note here some details or contact information that I have gathered.

San Diego Dance Art Studio
offers: ballet,polynesian,disco,modern jazz,ballroom dancing,hiphop (for boys). this is for kids,teens and adults.

Theater Arts at Chu Un Temple
Spearheaded by well-known theater director and playwright Ms. Daisy Baad.
Please call:
Chu Un Temple
246 V. Rama Avenue
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel. +63-32-253 8144
Fax +63-32-254 0268

TEL NO 254 8567

Group Class P800.00 (6 session, 1 1/2 hr per session)
Batch 1 April 4-16
Batch 2 April 18-30
Batch 3 May 2-14
Hawaiian/Tahitian & Hiphop
P1500.00 4 yrs old and above
April 4-May 21,2011
M-W-F and T-TH-S

International Academy of Film and Television
Creative Drama for Kids
Let your kids stretch the limits of their imaginations with creative dramatics
Instructor: T.B.A.
Dates: April 7 to 25, 2008
Days/Time: Monday to Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.
Duration: 15 meetings, 45 hours
Fee: USD 270 (International) / USD 135 (Local)
Venue: Classroom, Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park

Musical Theater for Kids
Turn your kids into Broadway babies with a fun workshop in Musical Theater
Instructor: Rainbow Reyes
Dates: April 7 to May 2, 2008
Days/Time: Monday to Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.
Duration: 20 meetings, 60 hours
Fee: USD 360 (International) / USD 180 (Local)
Venue: Dance Studio, Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park

Basic Acting for TV and Film (Kids)
Help your kids be comfortable on cam and on the spotlight
Instructor: Dan Shor
Dates: April 14 to 18, 2008
Days/Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon
Duration: 5 meetings, 15 hours
Fee: USD 90 (International) / USD 45 (Local)
Venue: Classroom, Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park

Spotlight Dance Co.
- Ballet
- Jazz
- Hip Hop
- Breakdance
- Tap
- Dancesport
- Poi/Firedance

They have programs/classes for all ages all year round. Spotlight Dance Company - To elevate the status of dance in Cebu, to discover and hone talents, no matter how young or old, by offering quality and professional dance training.

Contact Numbers:
* Mobile (0917) 629-1184 (Globe) / (0922) 829-1184 (Sun)
* Landline (032) 354-9995 / (032) 421-8880 (telefax)
* Look for MARIE

E-mail address:

B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy

Play Group – Start them young! While most toddlers and pre school kids are used to having their own free playtime, some structured games & activities offered in the play groups may just be the change they need. Children who are ½ years old to 4 years old can enroll in the Play Group class that’s being offered at B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy in Banilad and at My Playroom in SM & Ayala.

Basketball, Football Clinic, Baseball Clinic, Taekwondo and Swimming – These courses are the all-time favorites of the kids who are hyper-active and enjoy the adrenaline rush. After all, playing sports through these athletic classes is an avenue for them to learn and apply values such as sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork into their lives.

Arts & Painting, Music and Modern Dancing– Help your kids fuel a lifelong interest in art, music and dancing. These classes encourage confidence and support the artistic potential of the kids.

Reading & Penmanship– This course is essential because it helps the kids to learn attention to details, polish their fine skills and most importantly, can be a gateway to good reading skills. What your kids will learn in this class will play a critical role in training their brain.

As if those courses aren’t enough, the school is also bustling with new and exciting courses such as:

School of Rock: Guitar Lessons for Kids– Enrolling your kids to this guitar course is one way to ensure that their natural urge to learn playing guitar is encouraged. They will get to study practical application of contemporary music with Randy Pages & Arnold Ang of RM.202 School of Guitar.

Junior Master Chefs for Kids & Teens– Culinary Arts isn’t just confined for the grown-ups. Chef Lor Torres from A.I.C.A. and Chef Marina Codina from Mooon Café will take care of your Junior Master Chefs by teaching them the basic skills, safety, food preparation and all that. Through this course, the kids will look at cooking in a whole new light – that it can be quite creative, full of discovery and a whole lot of fun!

Junior Journalists– Journalism is a field which requires various skills for a tough and challenging exposure. Through this course, Section Editor & writer, Jigs Arquiza will expose kids as young as 8 years old on what it’s like to be a real journalist. What niche would the kids want to occupy? A travel reporter? Sports writer? Let them explore for themselves as they make their own 8-page magazine!

Junior Scuba Divers– Enthusiastic scuba diver parents or those who feel that their kid loves the water will be happy to know about this course. Let the kids explore and have fun underwater while learning the basic safety skills of scuba in the comfort of a pool under the guidance of a PADI instructor and Jimbo Sarte of FEEL DEEP Scuba Diving.

Everything French – It has been said that kids can absorb things such as learning a new language like a sponge! So in partnership with Alliance Francais – Cebu, kids can enjoy while learning the French language with games, songs, drawings and more. While teens, aside from the language, can discover French culture, fashion, music, art and more!

4-day Outdoor Adventure– With the our friends from TALIMA, kids from 10 to 25 years old can have an outdoor adventure weekend with boot camp types of activities that build SELF-RELIANCE, BUILD TEAM SPIRIT and CAMARADERIE. 2 days will be spent camping at BRIGHT Academy while 2 days will be spent at TALIMA Adventure & Water Park.

With all of these interesting classes to choose from, the kids should be able to have lots of fun this summer!

Who are eligible to join the workshops? The summer workshop is not exclusive to the students of Play House pre-school & B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy. ENROLLMENT IS OPEN FOR EVERYONE!

Does your child need help deciding on the right summer workshop? We will help you decide which class makes the most sense for your child’s interest. Please call Christy at (032) 416 1500 or Venus/ Marie at (032) 415 9989 | 0927 6923354 and tell them what kind of things your kids have been doing, what they’re interested in exploring and we can help you decide which of the many good courses will be best for your kids to take this summer!

Active Fitness Gym near North General Hospital
Offering Taekwondo classes
Schedule kay MWF 130-3pm.

CJRS Gym / MMA Fitness Center 
Above loft sa IT park
Jiu jitsu, Muay thai and Taekwondo


WHERE: New Lapu-lapu City Sports Auditorium
(Beside Birhen sa Regla Church)
Contact Number : (4955499 ) (09995741405)
Coached By : Coach Larry Villanil